Jul 5, 2020
Ep 47 Ecofeminism: Why The Patriarchy & Climate Change Are Linked
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Right now, it feels like marginalised groups across the globe are demanding respect, justice and equal rights and are finally being heard - from the Black Lives Matter movement to trans-gender rights activism. People will not stand oppression by patriarchal power structures any longer. 

But in among this fight, are some voices not being heard? Patriarchal dominance, which presupposes masculine attributes are more valuable than any others, has led to the marginalisation women, children, queer people, and people of colour. But interestingly, there is another 'group' adversely affected... Nature. The degradation of nature (land and animals) and most environmental issues are a result of generations of patriarchal aggression and domination toward the environment - treating it as a commodity to be controlled and consumed.

Ecofeminism is an ideology and movement that sees climate change, gender equality, and social injustice more broadly as intrinsically related issues, all tied to masculine dominance in society.

How interesting. We had never realised that the environmental fight is so closely linked to other social injustices, and by helping one we are helping the others. We dissect what ecofeminism is, our views towards it and what we can do to help.

Enjoy x

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