Finding the Courage to Express Yourself
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Expressing yourself can be tough in an unforgiving world, however, carrying the burden of never speaking up can be an even heavier load. This week we talk about the importance of having the courage to express yourself. From being at war with yourself to understanding that every idea doesn't need to be expressed, we talk about the up's and down's of expressing yourself.

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1:40 - When your New Year’s goals don’t start off on the right foot
2:40 - All moved out!
4:30 - On the job training and ADHD medicine
6:10 - The advantage of learning in a stable environment
10:10 - New city vibes!
16:10 - Finding the courage to express yourself
17:50 - Never feeling like we could express ourselves
20:00 - “What’s the point of being friends if I can’t express myself?”
21:40 - When you don’t realize you’re not expressing yourself
24:30 - What it’s like to have a bad habit of not expressing yourself
27:00 - Are you at war with yourself, but at peace with the world?
32:10 - At some point you have to pick a bed to lie in
38:00 - Finding expression through the arts
41:10 - Why every idea doesn’t need to be expressed
45:30 - How expressing yourself can challenge your friends
49:30 - When people resent you for not expressing yourself
52:40 - The importance in having courage to express yourself
55:30 - Why you have to make the decision to speak up
1:01:40 - When things begin to click in a new environment
1:07:10 - Why you need to watch “Love is Blind”
1:11:30 - What we’re doing to become cooler nerds this week

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