Black Love with Kiersten & Paul Brager
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If it wasn't for this couple we probably wouldn't have a show! We bring Kiersten and Paul Brager to the show this week to talk about black love in tech this week. It takes a lot to keep a good thing going and these two share with us the up's and down's of keeping a marriage successful with career demands, families, and friends pulling you in all kinds of directions.

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00:40 - Why Paul & Kiersten mean so much to the show’s existence
4:10 - What makes the Bragers the coolest nerds in the room?
5:40 - How being a nerd got Kiersten out of poverty
7:25 - 30 years of experience and counting
11:40 - Walking into the room with a pitbull mentality
12:40 - Confidence vs Arrogance from a Black man’s eyes.
14:50 - How Kiersten learned to get respect in the workplace
16:40 - How we weren’t taught to be assertive in a office environment
20:10 - How Paul and Kiersten met at a crawfish boil
27:40 - How Paul’s Safari account sealed the deal
30:10 - What it feels like to find your intellectual equal
35:10 - Finding the middle-ground between different personalities
38:10 - How Paul has help influence Kiersten in the workplace
42:10 - How friendship precluded a successful relationship
44:55 - The challenge of being a working professional couple in tech
50:10 - Ensuring you’re ready for a driven or ambitious partner
59:00 - Doing the work to know what you want
1:02:10 - What do you recommend to people looking for a great partner?
1:04:00 - Can you wake up to this person everyday?
1:06:00 - Can you handle the way they resolve conflict
1:10:20 - Understand where you stand in the equation
1:15:40 - What are your opinions on the current dating scene?
1:18:10 - Why you can’t bailout when it gets tough
1:23:40 - Why a good spouse shouldn’t be a project
1:29:10 - What black men need to do to step it up
1:38:30 - Has dating culture become too transactional?
1:42:30 - Why you have to always make decisions for the best of your family
1:43:40 - How there aren’t enough positive influences of love
1:48:00 - Where do you find a cool nerd?
1:50:00 - Why you should choose values over vanity
1:53:30 - When people don’t have good examples of love
1:55:10 - Why we should give ourselves some grace
1:58:30 - How are we going to be spending our Valentine’s day.

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