Don't Cross that Line! Lessons on Setting Boundaries
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Boundaries come and go, but one thing is for sure, they always get tested! This week we talk about our experience with setting boundaries, why shifting boundaries is so hard, and if we betray ourselves every time we bend our boundaries.

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1:30 - Bad documentation + old code = unfinished project
3:15 - Prepping for 2020 with uninspiring planners
6:00 - Getting better with time and money management in the next year
9:45 - Spliting time between gRPC and service mesh
11:20 - Shifting habits for 2020
14:00 - Show Meat
14:30 - Why CoolBlkNerd has a hard time keeping up with too many boundaries
16:45 - Having hit or miss boundaries
18:30 - Re-establishing boundaries with people from your past
20:30 - Getting triggered
23:00 - Introducing the idea of self-betrayal
25:30 - When you want to make progress you have to be honest about your environment
27:00 - Waiting until you’re mentally exhausted to establish a boundary
30:00 - The importance of sharing communication style
33:30 - When people don’t have any personal investment
35:30 - Making sure you have a why behind your boundaries
38:00 - Are boundaries the cornerstone of progress?
39:30 - How creating boundaries can be difficult to establish?
42:30 - Distancing yourself before establishing a new boundary
45:30 - Why shifting boundaries in a relationship can be so difficult
48:00 - Why people associate change with big bangs
51:00 - Just because you haven’t addressed an issue verbally doesn’t mean you haven’t addressed it
52:30 - How men and women look at the “big picture” differently
58:30 - Interacting with more people around the office
1:00:30 - Why Managers should spend time doing a one-on-one during exit interviews
1:02:30 - Using structure to anchor your goals in 2020
1:04:15 - What are we going to do to become a cooler nerd?

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