Tapping into our Creativity
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This week we tap in with Doug Bryant as we talk about how he balance his obsession with getting better, the best habits Doug has picked over the course of his 13-year cybersecurity career, and how he flexes his creative muscle through beat making!

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01:30 - Intro of Doug Bryant
02:00 - How does Doug find the time to get all these certs?
04:00 - What makes Doug the coolest nerd in the room
06:00 - Balancing the family life with the tech life
08:00 - What does the positive talk do for Doug mentally
09:30 - How does Doug find the balance between being obsessed?
13:00 - What is the best habit Doug has picked up over the course of his career?
15:00 - Was there ever a moment when Doug had to isolate himself to align his focus?
18:00 - Has Doug always been the teacher in his circle?
21:00 - The importance of discovering your gift early
26:00 - When did money start becoming a priority for Doug?
30:00 - Learning how to delay gratification
33:00 - Tapping into Doug’s writing muscle
38:00 - The struggle of small-talk
41:00 - The struggle of dating shallow people
45:00 - Finding the method in Doug’s productivity
48:00 - How we can learn to be more methodical in the way we approach problems
50:00 - Tapping into your creative side
58:00 - Does someone in security need to be detailed oriented?
1:05:00 - What are we going to do to become cooler nerds this week?

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Intro/Outro produced by @chaisnuclear of the Chicken Social

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