Dealing with Anxiety Paralysis
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Anxiety paralysis is a b*tch and this week we dive into our own issues with it! From staring at screens to overthinking tasks, we chat about what it feels like to have your productivity take a hit because your brain won't let you be great!

Also, we talk about furniture shopping, video games, and mental imbalances!

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01:30 - What did we do to become cooler nerds?
05:00 - Coolblknerd orders the new iPhone
07:00 - How your environment can reflect your state of mind
11:00 - Finally finishing Kingdom Hearts
15:00 - How Coolblknerd held down the team by himself
19:00 - Show meat!
23:00 - How anxiety paralysis affects your productivity
29:00 - Has technology negatively affected our ability to have delayed gratification?
37:00 - The lack of gratification when entering into security
42:00 - How do you stay calm as the stakes increase?
44:00 - Why Steph doesn’t have work anxiety after a few weeks
49:00 - How employer’s are more okay with your skill gaps than you think
54:00 - How you see yourself isn’t how others see you
58:00 - The downside of being a dreamer when you just want to make progress
1:03:00 - The power of taking a break
1:06:00 - Why you don’t need to work 8 hours straight to be considered productive
1:09:00  - Why clarifying your work with others will help reduce your anxiety
1:13:00 - Coolblknerd, what made you happy?
1:15:00 - Steph & Sesh: The effect of mental imbalance on loved ones

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