Essential Confrontations
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This week we want all the smoke as we talk about confrontations at work and in life! Conflict is an inevitable part of life and definitely an unavoidable aspect of our careers and it's important we understand how to navigate it. From stepping on toes to learning how to de-escalate, we discuss our experience with confrontations and what we've learned from our lessons.

We also talk about goal setting with your friends, the headache of HOA, and how live is filled with full circle moments!

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00:27 - Intro
03:40 - Did we become cooler nerds this week?
07:30 - What’s the nerdiest thing you did this week?
16:15 - What motivated us this week?
24:00 - How we both have gotten use to confrontation in our careers
25:00 - Do you typically initiate conflict?
34:00 - How culture teaches us how to read between the lines
37:00 - Confrontation becomes just another part of life
39:00 - Dealing with the brutal honesty of a Nigerian family
45:30 - Understanding the inevitability of confrontation
50:30 - How we like to approach sticky subjects in the workplace
54:30 - How Steph has zero tolerance for disrespectful behavior
59:20 - Sometimes it's easy to escalate
1:05:00 - What’s the worst confrontation we’ve been in that actually got resolved?
1:12:00 - The importance of having healthy confrontations with people you trust
1:16:30 - Why you can’t tip toe around confrontation even in an uncomfortable environment
1:24:45 - If somebody comes to you with an issue how do you deal with it?
1:31:40 - The importance of asking questions for understanding
1:38:00 - The mistake of misunderstanding passion for anger
1:46:00 - Confrontation is an essential human interaction
1:48:30 - What does quality time mean to the people you’re closest to?
1:51:00 - Steph & Sesh: Full circle moments, growth, and new experiences
1:55:45 - What are we going to do to become cooler nerds?

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Intro/Outro produced by @chaisnuclear of the Chicken Social

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