Visualizing Success w/ O'Shea Bowen
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O'Shea Bowens pulls up to the show this week to talk shop about where he sees security going, his passion for space and fashion design, as well as, about his podcast, "Intrusion Diversity System".

We also talk about meditation and how we use it to visualize success, why all POC's shouldn't feel obligated to push diversity forward, and the uphill battle of starting a business.

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02:15 - How do we know Mr. Bowens
04:30 - What makes O’Shea a cool nerd?
05:00 - How asteroids are going around pollinating the universe
09:00 - Why did you choose cybersecurity over astrophysics?
10:00 - How O’Shea brings in elements from other facets of creativity into his daily work
13:00 - How O’Shea believes security will change in the near future
18:00 - Are security people scared about the change coming to the space?
23:00 - What “Intrusion Diversity System” is all about?
28:00 - What O’Shea thinks about the current state of diversity
33:00 - How every contribution counts when pushing for more diversity
42:00 - Why POC’s shouldn’t feel obligated to pushing diversity forward
44:00 - What was the moment that made O’Shea start pushing for diversity
50:00 - How meditation opens our minds to create the world we want to see
58:15 - What we can learn from Kanye & Kim
1:04:15 - The uphill battle of learning how to be a business owner
1:11:15 - How older generations thought process differs from younger generations
1:16:45 - The scarcity of security engineers in the cloud & container space
1:23:30 - The importance of taking care of your personal space

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Intro/Outro produced by @chaisnuclear of the Chicken Social

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