Parental Advisory
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We take a moment to have a therapy session about our parents this week! From hiding secrets to overprotection, we dig into how the decisions of our parents affects the way we live our lives and maneuver through our careers.

Also, we talk about Def Con anxiety, Madblkman finally writes his blog, and Steph talks about making friends with her sadness in Steph and Sesh! We about to have a good ol' time!

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02:10 - Intro
03:30 - Who has the better algorithms? Spotify or Apple?
06:10 - Just because you see a therapist doesn’t mean something is wrong.
08:30 - How budgeting makes you look at your money funny!
11:30 - When bad deliveries and good customer service meet.
17:30 - Madblkman finally wrote his blog post!
20:00 - No news is good news!
24:00 - Sometimes you just need to write shit down.
25:40 - DCA (Def Con Anxiety!!!)
32:00 - Why we felt this was an important topic to discuss.
36:00 - From an only child to the oldest of 6.
40:45 - The cultural expectations of being a Nigerian-American.
54:30 - How Madblkman's girlfriend made his relationship with his mother better.
56:15 - When you know your parents aren’t going to change!
1:01:00 - 0 tolerance policy for mistakes!
1:05:30 - Accepting your parents raised you with limited tools.
1:11:30 - Understanding how your parents were raised or what it was like to raise you.
1:16:30 - The importance of following through with your commitments.
1:21:00 - How B’s will get you disrespected!
1:24:00 - Rebelling against your parents ideals.
1:28:00 - Learning to take calculated risk!
1:33:00 - Why can parents be so protective sometimes?
1:37:00 - How technology will change the dynamics of parenthood in the future.
1:39:40 - What we hope for ourselves in the future as parents.
1:49:30 - What made Madblkman happy this week
1:52:20 - Steph & Sesh
2:00:25 - What are we going to do to become cooler nerds this week?
2:05:00 - Outro

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Intro/Outro produced by @chaisnuclear of the Chicken Social

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