Episode 150 Corona Chronicles: Covid-19 Side Effects Now Include Vivid Sex Dreams.
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Week four of shelter in place brings listeners a large milestone in the life and times of ABV... the one year anniversary of recording, arguing, loving, hating, laughing, crying and most importantly...drinking! What have the ladies loved the most about this past year you ask? It’s not that interesting so if you want, you are welcome to skip this part. 

Welcome in to episode 50, where if you recall, Claire had been peer pressuring Fran to record live for this anniversary milestone and had her ass saved by the ol’ corona. This week in review brings our listeners some bright spots (Fran enjoyed her distanced porch hangout and sweatshirt pick up from Claire and Claire is reusing old samples for her mom to make masks) and some not so bright spots (Fran’s son wipes his poop everywhere while refusing to nap- enough said).  Selected news is shared (Claire isn’t feeling as bad about her corona shopping habits and Sac City Unified is being at the height of shitty behavior again) and advice is dispensed (Fran swears she didn’t write in this weeks question).  “Corona Confessions” this week are brought to you by Fran and her poor hygiene...again and Claire being fed up with more body shaming, even during the pandemic. The ladies are liking Los Angeles based and operated clothing companies who pay a living wage to their employees and burgers. A good burger is always something we love.  Lastly, this weeks hater is brought to you by pro-life activists who are suing a North Carolina city for not being able to protest during SIP.

Papa Doble (Hemingway Daiquiri-for Claire)
2 parts white rum 
Juice of half to 1 grapefruit
Juice of 1-2 limes
1 part grenadine
Light dash Sparkling water 
Pour over ice! 

Did you enjoy the shows intro song? Thomas Castillo and his band Creamline, created ABV’s spectacular music. If you want to hear more from Creamline, you can find them on instagram @creamline916. In need of some advice? Want to ask us something weird or embarrassing and have us answer it live? Looking to slide into our DM’s?

Find us @abvpodcast on insta and twitter 

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