Episode 194: All We Can Do Is Our Best... Okay?
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Dear sweet listeners, we know, deep down, you didn't believe we would actually follow through with this and record another episode, did ya now? BUT HERE WE FUCKIN ARE! Per usual, we get a little sloppy, laugh a lot, max out our mic volume and thoroughly enjoy ourselves. 

Welcome in to episode 94, where the ladies are really hitting their stride, reliving some glorious memories and drinking as much as we can. The gals this week share their roses and thorns over the past few weeks (kids, travel, nightmare periods and awful, awful people). News this week gets the girls wondering how much they would need to be paid to give up their seats on an oversold flight? Shocker, it's not much. Advice this week has the ladies talking about money in relationships. If you give your partner a loan when you are together, how do you get that money back when you break up? Survey says, you might need to crack some skulls (JKJKJK, but not). Ask Us Anything this week is VEGAS themed. The ladies love them some Vegas time and will gladly share their favorite memories from sin city.  Shit the ladies like this week includes permanent jewelry (Claire is hopefully having a pop up at Happy Hour) and Trader Joes cheap ass face masks! Lastly, this weeks hater is brought to you by a bitch ass Tim Allen... sit down, son. 

The Drink With A Five Minute Narrative
Couple shots of Blanco Tequila
Splash of club soda
Muddled oranges
Pour over ice

Did you enjoy the shows intro song? Thomas Castillo and his band Creamline, created ABV’s spectacular music. If you want to hear more from Creamline, you can find them on instagram @creamline916. In need of some advice? Want to ask us something weird or embarrassing and have us answer it live? Looking to slide into our DM’s?

Find us @abvpodcast on insta and twitter 

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