Episode 167: I Don't Even Know If A Spirit Guide Could Help You
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Hello out there! You! Yes, you listening to this podcast! Does the use of the word “daddy” for your significant other make you cringe? Are you dying to have a “Molly” party once this pandemic is over? Are you a mom who is clearly dreaming of days where you could vacation away from your children??? Well then this is the episode you have been waiting for!

Welcome in to episode 67, where someone is just trying to take peyote and not get poo-pooed for their choices. This week in review brings listeners the sunshine (Claire got to have her brother in law over for an extended visit in her house!) and the lows (Fran has a runny nose and can’t go to Claire’s to record). News of the week is coming at us from Kanye (He started Sunday Service in Wyoming) and the housing market here in Nor-Cal (Bay Area buyers are coming for Sac real estate and Fran wants to sell her house). Advice comes to us from a listener who was being jerked around in a relationship and now that she has it locked down, doesn’t really want it anymore. Let the arguments ensue. Have you ever wondered what drugs the ladies of ABV want to do in times of corona? Well, don’t be a judgy ass bitch, this is all for fun. The ladies are continuing to share shit they like, this week its fun Sacramento restaurants and enlightening podcasts.  Lastly, this weeks hater is brought to you by those folks who are against the Biden/Harris ticket. ESPECIALLY those hating on Kamala. Take your hate and GTFO.

 Spicy Matodor Cocktail
1/2 cup Dole pineapple juice
1 oz. lime juice
1 oz. tequila
1/2 oz. vodka
1 tsp agave nectar
pinch of chile piquin use cayenne if you can handle the heat
1 tablespoon Tajìn (for the rim)
Splash of lime sparkling water

Pour Over Ice!

Did you enjoy the shows intro song? Thomas Castillo and his band Creamline, created ABV’s spectacular music. If you want to hear more from Creamline, you can find them on instagram @creamline916. In need of some advice? Want to ask us something weird or embarrassing and have us answer it live? Looking to slide into our DM’s?

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