Chemistry: Formula for Success with Dr Peter Wothers MBE
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Join legendary chemist Dr Peter Wothers MBE to discover the magical, explosive world of chemistry!

  • Why study chemistry
  • Applying for chemistry at university level
  • The gap between (high) school level science and university level
  • How to succeed when studying chemistry

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Dr Wothers is Teaching Fellow in the Department of Chemistry, and is something of a campus legend thanks to his passion for the subject and incredible flair while lecturing. He's been featured on TV, including the Discovery Channel's The Big Experiment and the BBC's Royal Institution Christmas Lectures, which are available on-demand here: (aimed at a young audience, but worth clicking to enjoy the first 40 seconds alone in my opinion - fantastic!!)

He has also authored a number of books, including:

  • Why Chemical Reactions Happen - a great read for (high) school students considering studying chemistry, brilliant interview prep. Available at:
  • Antimony, Gold and Jupiter's Wolf, a fascinating read for a general audience, all about how the elements got their names. Available at 
  • Organic Chemistry - (first edition) - THE go-to undergrad textbook for organic chemistry (Dr W did the 1st edition - the 2nd edition which he was less involved in available at 

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases on suggested books at no extra cost to you. I only recommend awesome stuff.

#83 - How to network online - find inspiring friends, love, mentors and business partners
Networking is a very misunderstood term. Most people think that it's just about business - but your networking skills can even mean the difference between a sad and lonely life, and becoming rich and happy. Today we will teach you how we have found: - business partners - new clients - friends for life - and even love by simple techniques that are easy to learn. And stick with us to the end, because we will share with you how to write the perfect email if you want to find a mentor or get your dream job. The topic of today is How to network online and how to find inspiring friends. We have split the episode into four topics: 1. What does "networking" even mean, and why should you do it? 2. How to use social media for networking? 3. How to build a networking machine that works while you sleep? 4. How to write the perfect email to get a job or a mentor? With these four topics, you will be able to learn how to network online and how to find inspiring friends. -- Today's episode is a personal development episode, where Erik Bergman and Emil Ekvardt explore topics about how to grow as a person and get a better focus. We are both personal development junkies and spend many hours every week sharing our ideas and reading about new things. This episode is great for you who want to learn about our latest perspective. We share lots of personal stories, talk about how it applies in our lives, and where we have learned it from. -- In the first topic, we talk about how networking is a misunderstood term. What the differences are between networking wide and networking deep. How Erik started by networking very wide in his teenage years and how that has given a foundation for deep relationships today. It started with Erik asking himself "How to network online?" and "How to find inspiring friends?" In the second topic, we talk about what the easiest way to start networking online is. How you can use the social media traffic of big accounts to get yourself out there and find more people to inspire and that can be inspired by you. There are some tricks that surprisingly few are using that we will teach you. In the third topic, we are building networking machines that network for us. Once again we are utilizing social media but this time we teach you how to use your own account to find people with similar interests and make them come to you - a crucial part of how to network online and how to find inspiring friends. In the fourth and final topic, we dive into what might be the most important part. How to write a perfect email that makes someone wants to hire you, be your mentor, or even your business partner. Very few people know how to write great emails, so we will give you a step by step formula. -- Social media channels:
50 min
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