Voices in Japan
Voices in Japan
May 28, 2019
Quirky Japan: Face Masks, Monster Crows, and Ghosts
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There are many quirky things about Japan. On this episode we talk about three such things. You will see people wearing face masks everywhere in Japan. There are a number reasons such as preventing colds, keeping their faces warm, and women sometimes wear them when they cannot be bothered to wear makeup. Even Burke has worn a mask to hide his stubble at work!

Monster crows are everywhere in Japan. They are huge and quite frightening. They are very intelligent, so do not ever attack one because they will remember you! Be very wary around crows.

Many Japanese people believe in ghosts, more so that in the West, and actually, talking about ghosts is a bit of a taboo subject. However, your podcast hosts are more than happy to share their opinions and their creepy experiences in Japan.

Conversation Highlights:

  • When have our hosts worn face masks?
  • The reasons why Japanese people wear face masks.
  • Burke shares an amusing story concerning his work and face masks.
  • Do the podcasters believe face masks prevent colds?
  • Some women becoming more attractive when wearing face masks.
  • black “ninja” face masks.
  • designer face masks.
  • “monster” crows in Japan.
  • Burke thinking a crow was a baby.
  • Crows not being afraid of people anymore.
  • Crows are very intelligent and have good memories.
  • Why did the garbage bags in Japan change to yellow?
  • Most Japanese people believe in ghosts.
  • The hosts tell some stories of their experiences with ghosts.
  • Do our hosts believe in ghosts and the reasons why.
  • Has Burke seen a ghost?
  • Japanese TV ghost prank shows.
  • Ghost houses in Japan.
  • Watching horror movies.
  • Japanese words of the day: “Urusai” and “Irasshaimase”.

Japan definitely has many quirky and unique things, and in future episodes we hope to talk about many more. If there are any Japanese quirks you would like us to discuss, get in touch on social media or drop us a quick email.

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