Voices in Japan
Voices in Japan
May 7, 2019
Do I or Don’t I get married in Japan?
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Are there wedding bells in your future? Marriage is one of life’s most important decisions. While Japanese people celebrate the big day with their own unique traditions, some wedding ceremonies and receptions blend in a few fashionable aspects from western custom. Listen to find out how the bride and groom in Japan survive the grueling process that leads up to their finally becoming newlyweds!

Conversation highlights:

·       What are the popular venues for weddings in Japan?

·       What types of weddings have our podcasters had the opportunity to attend?

·       What very important role did Ben play in Burke meeting his wife?

·       What options drive up the cost of a wedding in Japan?

·       Do Japanese people prefer traditional Japanese-style weddings or western weddings?

·       Why does the planning process take so long?

·       Why do people enjoy checking out possible locations for a wedding?

·       What makes the Japanese wedding such a large production?

·       In western cultures, guests give gifts to the newlywed couple, but in Japan, how do the guests contribute to the wedding?

·       Why does the actual wedding day last from very early in the morning until well past midnight?

·       What is so strange about the priest or minister at Japanese weddings?

·       Why are the priests under so much pressure?

·       Do couples really need to get married these days? Are there any real benefits?

·       Should Ben get married?

·       What reasons can drive foreigners to want to marry Japanese nationals?

·       How can getting married completely change a person’s mentality in life.

Deciding whether or not to get married is tricky and difficult regardless of the culture, and being in Japan brings a whole new set of factors to consider.  To begin with, Japanese weddings are a huge production that, as with most events in Japan, require a seemingly endless amount of planning.  The end result is a beautiful, well-coordinated event for the guests to enjoy. If you ever have the chance to attend a wedding in Japan, or even just witness a wedding that might be taking place when you visit a Japanese Shinto shrine, it is a captivating event that should not be missed!  Listen now to find out why!



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