Voices in Japan
Voices in Japan
Apr 23, 2019
Interview: Yumi shares the truth about fitness and the mindset of Japanese women!
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Special guest Yumi joins the podcast to give the guys a new perspective on life in Japan.  In this episode full of laughs, our podcasters learn about the growing exercise trends taking over the land of the rising sun, and also discover the great lengths to which Japanese women will go to avoid the wrath of their mothers-in-law, and even other women, as they struggle to maintain the image of being the perfect mother and wife. Also, why do Japanese girls and women find it easier to express their true feelings with foreign guys? Listen to the episode to find out now!

Conversation highlights:

•  Is exercising at a sports gym popular in Japan like it is in western countries?

•  What are the benefits of yoga versus the benefits of CrossFit?

•  Why did Yumi decide that she wanted to join CrossFit?

•  How are the bodies and mindset of the people in the gym different in Japan?

•  Why are many Japanese guys intimidated by girls with athletic bodies?

•  Why are the podcasters infatuated with the Japanese female body?

•  Why do Japanese women feel so much pressure to be a perfect mother and perfect wife

•  Why do wives in Japan feel like they need to ask for permission from their husbands just to go out with their girlfriends, or even hang out at a friend's house!?

•  Why don't Japanese married couples share the responsibilities around the house?

•  Why can Japanese women express themselves better with foreign guys?

•  What is the best way to flirt with a Japanese girl at the bar? Is there a perfect pick-up line?

Believe it or not, even though many Japanese people appear to be much thinner than their western counterparts, working out in the gym has only recently started to grow in popularity. But are most Japanese people that you see walking down the street actually fit and in shape?

Also, shouldn’t Japanese women be happy that they can stay home with the kids and not work, and is there any real pressure that comes with being a housewife? Can Yumi keep her cool as she patiently tries to educate the guys on the difficulties of being a Japanese woman? Fortunately, the conversation remains very light-hearted while touching upon some fairly sensitive topics. Listen now to compare your own thoughts on what should be considered acceptable in this conservative yet evolving culture.  

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JapanesePod101.com | My Feed - japananesepod101
Absolute Beginner #25 - Do You Remember the Japanese Grammar You've Learned in this Series? - Audio
Learn Japanese with JapanesePod101! Don\'t forget to stop by JapanesePod101.com for more great Japanese Language Learning Resources! -------Lesson Dialog------- ----Formal ---- テイラー:らいねん、メキシコにいきます。 かおり:どうして? テイラー:ぼくのいもうとのけっこんしきがあります。 まさと:おめでとうございます。 :いいですね。いついきますか。 テイラー:6がつです。 かおり:へー。ちえみさんもいきますか? テイラー:はい!サラもいきます。マトリーもいきます。 かおり:マトリーも?すごい。 テイラー:そのあと、にほんにいきます。 まさと:ほんとう?やった! Click here to listen to the entire conversation. ----Formal Vowelled---- テイラー:らいねん、メキシコにいきます。 かおり:どうして? テイラー:ぼくのいもうとのけっこんしきがあります。 まさと:おめでとうございます。 :いいですね。いついきますか。 テイラー:ろくがつです。 かおり:へー。ちえみさんもいきますか? テイラー:はい!サラもいきます。マトリーもいきます。 かおり:マトリーも?すごい。 テイラー:そのあと、にほんにいきます。 まさと:ほんとう?やった! ----Formal Romanization---- Teirā: Rainen, mekishiko ni ikimasu. Kaori: Dōshite? Teirā: Boku no imōto no kekkonshiki ga arimasu. Masato: Omedetō gozaimasu. :Ii desu ne. Itsu ikimasu ka. Teirā: Rokugatsu desu. Kaori: Hē. Chiemi-san mo ikimasu ka? Teirā: Hai! Sara mo ikimasu. Matorī mo ikimasu. Kaori: Matorī mo? Sugoi. Teirā: Sono ato, nihon ni ikimasu. Masato: Hontō? Yatta! ----Formal English---- Taylor: I\'m going to Mexico next year. Kaori: Why? Taylor: My little sister is getting married. Masato: Congratulations. :That\'s nice. When are you going? Taylor: In June. Kaori: Neat! Is Chiemi going too? Taylor: Yes! Sarah will also go. Muttley will go too. Kaori: Muttley too? Wow. Taylor: After that, we\'ll go to Japan. Masato: Really? Yay! --------------------------- Learn Japanese with JapanesePod101! Don\'t forget to stop by JapanesePod101.com for more great Japanese Language Learning Resources!
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Nihongo SWiTCH
Nihongo SWiTCH
Iku Yamamoto
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