Voices in Japan
Voices in Japan
Apr 2, 2019
Japanese Men's Makeup and Grooming
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In uber fashion-conscious Japan, the styles of men and women continue to converge. Did you know that even men are wearing makeup and spending their yen on skincare products? What is driving these trends, and have our podcasters tested their masculinity by taking part? 

Conversation points:

·      Getting your forehead shaved at the hair salon or barbers.

·      Men trimming their eyebrows.

·      Men using skin creams, lotions, and moisture masks.

·      Burke wearing makeup on his wedding day.

·      What types of men do Japanese women find attractive?

·      The beautiful men in the entertainment and J-pop industry.

·      Why are the most popular J-pop groups so bad?

·      Men using women style handbags.

·      J-pop artist Gakt and how his androgynous style has influenced Japanese society.

·      The podcasters share their personal experiences with using skin lotions.

·      Subway operators suing their bosses for being penalized at work for having facial hair.

·      The rules of facial hair in the Japanese work environment and how the podcasters have been affected by them.


The world is constantly changing at a rapid pace that things such as men’s makeup are becoming more common place. Is it a good thing? For the younger generation, trimming your eyebrows and using skin products and lotions to improve your appearance can only be a positive. But, can it go too far? Are men losing their masculinity by using women’s handbags? There may come a day when both sexes look and dress completely the same, and who’s to say that it’s a bad thing. In any case, androgynous Japan is leading the way in the ever-evolving fashion world.

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