Voices in Japan
Voices in Japan
Jun 30, 2020
A Japanese Woman’s Choice of America, Tokyo, or Sapporo
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Today, we are joined by Yuka, who shares her experiences of living in America, Tokyo, and Sapporo. We talk about the things she likes and dislikes about each place, strangers talking to her in supermarkets in America, working in a bakery in Michigan, seeing and approaching celebrities in Japan, being able to visit restaurants in Tokyo recommended on Japanese TV, the clean air in Sapporo, events for children and families, and much much more.

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JapanesePod101.com | My Feed - japananesepod101
Absolute Beginner #25 - Do You Remember the Japanese Grammar You've Learned in this Series? - Audio
Learn Japanese with JapanesePod101! Don\'t forget to stop by JapanesePod101.com for more great Japanese Language Learning Resources! -------Lesson Dialog------- ----Formal ---- テイラー:らいねん、メキシコにいきます。 かおり:どうして? テイラー:ぼくのいもうとのけっこんしきがあります。 まさと:おめでとうございます。 :いいですね。いついきますか。 テイラー:6がつです。 かおり:へー。ちえみさんもいきますか? テイラー:はい!サラもいきます。マトリーもいきます。 かおり:マトリーも?すごい。 テイラー:そのあと、にほんにいきます。 まさと:ほんとう?やった! Click here to listen to the entire conversation. ----Formal Vowelled---- テイラー:らいねん、メキシコにいきます。 かおり:どうして? テイラー:ぼくのいもうとのけっこんしきがあります。 まさと:おめでとうございます。 :いいですね。いついきますか。 テイラー:ろくがつです。 かおり:へー。ちえみさんもいきますか? テイラー:はい!サラもいきます。マトリーもいきます。 かおり:マトリーも?すごい。 テイラー:そのあと、にほんにいきます。 まさと:ほんとう?やった! ----Formal Romanization---- Teirā: Rainen, mekishiko ni ikimasu. Kaori: Dōshite? Teirā: Boku no imōto no kekkonshiki ga arimasu. Masato: Omedetō gozaimasu. :Ii desu ne. Itsu ikimasu ka. Teirā: Rokugatsu desu. Kaori: Hē. Chiemi-san mo ikimasu ka? Teirā: Hai! Sara mo ikimasu. Matorī mo ikimasu. Kaori: Matorī mo? Sugoi. Teirā: Sono ato, nihon ni ikimasu. Masato: Hontō? Yatta! ----Formal English---- Taylor: I\'m going to Mexico next year. Kaori: Why? Taylor: My little sister is getting married. Masato: Congratulations. :That\'s nice. When are you going? Taylor: In June. Kaori: Neat! Is Chiemi going too? Taylor: Yes! Sarah will also go. Muttley will go too. Kaori: Muttley too? Wow. Taylor: After that, we\'ll go to Japan. Masato: Really? Yay! --------------------------- Learn Japanese with JapanesePod101! Don\'t forget to stop by JapanesePod101.com for more great Japanese Language Learning Resources!
13 min
Deep Dive from The Japan Times
Deep Dive from The Japan Times
The Japan Times
79: What does QAnon mean for Japan?
On Jan. 6, the U.S. Capitol came under siege from a mob of Trump supporters, incited by the former president. The attack was condemned around the world and shone a spotlight onto the dangerous misinformation and conspiracies that fueled the riots. One that has come under particular scrutiny is QAnon, a conspiracy that dates to 2017 and that has picked up a significant following in the U.S. But, says Bloomberg’s Max Zimmerman, the U.S. is not the only country to have supporters of the QAnon conspiracy, and a fringe group of followers has also developed here in Japan. Sponsor: This episode is brought to you by Oizumi Kojo, Japan's first commercial brewer of kombucha. They’ve just launched their new online store, where you can buy KOMBUCHA_SHIP (http://bit.ly/kombuship) , bottled kombucha that's delivered straight to your door. KOMBUCHA_SHIP comes in four flavors: Original, Yuzu, Shiso and Kuwa. Visit www.kombuchaship.shop (http://bit.ly/kombuship) for more information. Read/see more:  QAnon’s Rise in Japan Shows Conspiracy Theory’s Global Spread (https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-11-29/qanon-s-rise-in-japan-shows-conspiracy-theory-s-global-spread) (Max Zimmerman, Bloomberg) What drives ‘J-Anon,’ QAnon's Japanese counterpart? (https://globalvoices.org/2021/01/13/what-drives-j-anon-qanons-japanese-counterpart/) (Nevin Thompson, Global Voices) Pro-Trump rallies in Tokyo (https://twitter.com/mrjeffu/status/1346744290144206848) (Jeffrey J. Hall via Twitter) Trump supporters rally in Tokyo against Biden's inauguration (https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2021/01/21/national/politics-diplomacy/trump-believers-tokyo/) (Reuters via The Japan Times) QAnon's 'Great Awakening' failed to materialize. What's next could be worse (https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/jan/20/qanon-biden-inauguration-trump-antisemitism-white-nationalism) (Julia Carrie Wong, The Guardian) On this episode: Max Zimmerman: Twitter (https://twitter.com/max__zim) | Articles (https://www.bloomberg.com/authors/AUH8UU4ziQc/max-zimmerman) Oscar Boyd: Twitter (https://twitter.com/omhboyd) | Articles (https://www.japantimes.co.jp/author/oscar-boyd/) | Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/oscar.boyd/) Announcements: Sign up to the Deep Dive mailing list (https://www.japantimes.co.jp/email-newsletters/) and be notified every time a new episode comes out. Get in touch with us at deepdive@japantimes.co.jp. Support the show! Rate us, review us and share this episode with a friend if you've enjoyed it. Follow us on Twitter (https://twitter.com/japandeepdive) , and give us feedback. This episode of Deep Dive may be supported by advertising based on your location. Advertising is sourced by Audioboom and is not affiliated with The Japan Times. Photo: Supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump hold a rally in Tokyo ahead of the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden in Washington. | REUTERS
31 min
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