Becoming Entrefied
ENT 121: (Classics) Elevating Your Mind and Creating More Abundance in Your Life with Dr. Ryan Gottfredson
Apr 23, 2020 · 1 hr 2 min
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Our Guest Dr. Ryan Gottfredson is here to talk about mindset and how it can positively change your life on a whole new level.

Ryan Gottfredson, PhD., is a mental success coach and cutting-edge leadership consultant, author, trainer, and researcher.  He helps improve organizations, leaders, teams, and employees by improving their mindsets. 

We ask Dr. Ryan what he has in the works and what value he is providing for people with his programs.

Four sets of mindsets

1.    Fixed and Growth Mindsets – How do these impact your business and life?

2.    Open and Closed Mindsets – Are there necessary times to have these?

3.    Prevention and Promotion Mindsets – Can you change this?

4.    Inward and Outward Mindsets – This seems like selfishness 

Discussion session – Jeff (Co-host) and I will ask a series of discussion questions around mindset and provide different scenarios.

1.    Isn’t being an entrepreneur about going against the grain and fighting social conformity? 

2.    Wouldn’t you have to be closed-minded to some extent here?

3.    Aggressive mindset vs passive mindset.

Learn more about Dr. Ryan and take his mindset assessment here.

And don't forget to pick up your copy of Dr. Ryan's new book, here.

What’s the most life-changing book Dr. Ryan has read?
It's actually a journal: Gratitude Journal: Journal 5 minutes a day to develop gratitude, mindfulness, and productivity: 90 Days of daily practice, spending five minutes to cultivate happiness

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