Becoming Entrefied
ENT 110: The World is Changing, Don’t Get Left Behind - Entrefied Mission Statement v2.2
Apr 7, 2020 · 17 min
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We help you create success by adding value to other people’s lives and situations by taking action, challenging possibilities, and making logical choices towards your goals and dreams in order to achieve that Next Step.


With times like these, a lot of people are losing their incomes. People can’t work and earn anymore. This is where your passive investments and cash flow should come in to save the day.


Ever since this pandemic, I’ve been getting nonstop calls and texts about my advice on the best investments and ways to grow passive income. It’s not easy but I’m happy to see people are realizing that passive income and secondary sources of income are necessary.


Our goal these next few weeks is to bring on guests that are overcoming the current pandemic and finding opportunities to grow through it. We are focusing on helping people overcome this adversity and come out stronger.


MAIN POINT – One source of income will destroy you. Always have multiple. Whether it be passive or active, you need to create wealth.


ACTION STEPS – Write out 5 news ways to create secondary income.

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