Becoming Entrefied
ENT 102: How to Overcome Challenges and Produce Success with Roland Benson
Mar 26, 2020 · 1 hr
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Over the last 35 years, Roland Benson has helped thousands of small businesses increase their success by attracting new leads & turning them into clients. He believes that everyone you meet is a possible new client or will lead you to someone who will be.

He is passionate about the global impact small businesses can have when they succeed & is dedicated to impacting 100,000 businesses before 2027 by showing them how to find their dream clients that will fuel their growth.

Roland has been featured on the Ghostwriter & The Digital Agency Show, as well as being
a featured speaker for Texas State & Schreiner University. When Roland isn’t working at
Benson Design (which he co-founded in 1985) or speaking, he spends time with his wife, children, & grandchildren.

The amazing topics we hit on:

Big 3

-        What is a success factor in the businesses you work with?

-        How did dyslexia become your superpower?

-        How does your mindset affect your business?

My questions

-        How has the coronavirus, COVID-19, impacted your business?

-        What was the most life-changing book you’ve read?


Closing – How can people find out more about you?

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