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ENT 80: Scratch That Niche - Entrefied Mission Statement v1.9
Feb 29, 2020 · 14 min
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Niching down is extremely important when you are smaller. A small business will want to focus on a specific product or service and master it. That 1, 2 combos will get you into the big leagues, where you can learn some new tricks. Look at Amazon. It started out as an online bookstore and now it has everything. 

I used to jump from idea to idea like a squirrel but then I realized that ideas are easy to create but extremely difficult to bring to fruition. You must FOCUS. = follow one course.

Our Direction – We have some really exciting new guests coming up. Day 80 out of 90 of the podcasts every single day challenge. Stick around for episode 90. We will be making some changes. Some big, some small. 

FOCUS. Select one niche, such as books online, or perhaps daybeds, something that is niche and that you can master. Then big brands will either buy you out or you can scale. Furniture was one thing I did well.


ACTION STEPS – What is your business FOCUS? If you are small, are you monogamous? If you are large, are you polygamous? 

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