Becoming Entrefied
ENT 73: This 1 Reason is Why You Should Never Retire
Feb 22, 2020 · 13 min
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Retirement will kill you

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Retirement isn’t what everyone imagines. People imagine never working again and doing whatever they want but then when they get there, they don’t know what to do with all the time. This leads to depression caused by a lack of purpose.

I retired for 1 year when I was 24. I went on a cruise, went to the beach, and slept till 11 every day. Eventually, I’d stay up all night, afraid to go to sleep. I would be unable to get out of bed because I was so afraid to face the day. I had lost all purpose and all hope. I was in a bad place.

We all need community, people, and some type of work. Every single person needs a purpose and a mindset of retiring from business or work is not good to have. I will never retire, just work a little less, but I’ll still have meaningful work.

Identify your purpose. What is it?

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