ENT 193: Learning to think and becoming better!
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Learning to think and becoming better!

* Get around people and places that challenge us to be more, and continually learning everyday makes a difference. Don’t turn away, turn towards the good pain and decide your going to win. Here is the question what do I need to know to win and how can I take action on it?


* Small consistent action all day every day is better sometimes than big accomplishments. Stop focusing so much on big things start focusing on the days you can make great by doing a lot of small things consistantly.


* Try to make something better Today, wake up 10 minutes earlier, do something a little better in several areas Today. Make a mental note, I will do this and this better tomorrow in a small way. If your days are 6’s how can you make them 9’s everyday? WOW ! what a difference it will make if you practice this everyday. 




* Help others, who are you accountable too? The more you give in the right way in your life the more you will be filled up. When people think of you do they think oh there is a grouch or no I don’t want to ask them? Be the type of person that is in service to others, make yourself more valuable by being that person that people can count on and it starts with you doing simple habits every day. Don’t start out fast, start really slow and start mastering what you do every day in a small way. Tell yourself Tomorrow is going to be better because I’m going to do __________.  Then fill in the blank.

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