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Sep 22, 2022
How New Luxury means Sustainability for KOPU Water with Mindy Mahy
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KOPU strives to deliver the best tasting water in the world while minimizing impact on the Earth.

The Miami Guide sat down with Mindy Mahy founder of The KOPU Water Company, to talk about how she and her husband launched KOPU, building a brand founded on love and respect for the planet and each other.

Interview Notes:
- What inspired you to start KOPU?
- Why did you choose Oregon?
- Why is sustainability so important for your brand?
- Why aluminum? recycle reusable?
- How dit the partnership with Forbes Travel Guide come about.
- What can we expect from you in the future?
- Where can listeners learn more about you?

Quotes from the interview:
You can not be luxury if you don't take sustainability into account

As consumer values shift with climate change and mindfulness of environmental impact, KOPU Water uniquely bridges luxury and sustainability by harmonizing with the health of guests and diners as well as the Earth. 

KOPU spring water is exceptionally smooth in taste and naturally alkaline with a pH of 8.0. KOPU Sparkling water has award-winning fine champagne-like bubbles that elegantly hydrate. Body-fortifying minerals include calcium, magnesium and potassium as well as naturally occurring silica, which is known as the “beauty mineral” and is a building block of collagen.

The company exclusively packages within beautiful, lightweight aluminum bottles. Due to the value and ease of recycling aluminum, 75% of all aluminum ever created is still in use today. Recycled KOPU bottles will re-emerge on average within 60 days and be reformed into electric cars, airplane frames or beverage cans and bottles.

KOPU is a thoughtful alternative to imported bottled water brands and is exclusively sold within fine dining restaurants and other dining venues within luxury hotels. 

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