EP 92: Part 1 - Being an Efficient Elk Hunter/Coach’s Gut Check - Listener’s Q&A
1 hr 35 min

Did you struggle during your hunt this year?… Are you struggling now? Whether you were successful or not, there are ALWAYS struggles of some kind during an elk hunt. Some in our control and some not. For those in our control we have to take an honest look in the mirror… and not make excuses. That's way to easy… and sets you up for continuing struggles and future disappointments. It's time to revaluate and empower yourself instead!

On Today’s Edition of Blue Collar Elk Hunting, it's GUT CHECK TIME! In this TWO PART SERIES, Your elk hunting coaches keep it real and talk about hunt elements to look at and consider as cause and effect of an unsuccessful or difficult hunt. As well as thoughts and motivation to identify and overcome those elements for the future.

Also, from this weeks ElkBros Mailbox
   - One hunter's problem of locating bulls in quiet times
   - Is there a catalog of ElkBros Podcast Topics & Episodes?
   - Oregon rut timing
   - Bachelor elk groups  

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Big Game Hunting Podcast
Big Game Hunting Podcast
John McAdams
117: 300 PRC vs 300 Win Mag Comparison
Article Referenced In Show: 300 PRC: Read This Before You Buy One Show Notes: https://thebiggamehuntingblog.com/podcast/300prcvs300winmag/ Show Sponsor: Go to huntingguns101.com to receive specific rifle, cartridge, ammo, and scope recommendations tailored to YOUR specific hunting needs as well as access to our EXCLUSIVE Facebook community and EXCLUSIVE discounts on certain outfitted hunts Big Game Hunting Adventures in Africa or Canada. What We Covered 1) History of the 300 Precision Rifle Cartridge. 2) How the cartridges compare to each other in terms of external dimensions, trajectory, recoil, and accuracy. 3) Compare ammo and rifle choices in each cartridge 4) Pros and cons of hunting with each cartridge. Show Sponsor If you want to join a community where you can have these sorts discussions with other veteran hunters who have been there and done that, then you NEED to checkout huntingguns101.com. There, you’ll receive some specific rifle, cartridge, ammo, and scope recommendations tailored to YOUR specific hunting needs regardless of whether you want to hunt deer or pronghorn in the lower 48, moose in Alaska, or cape buffalo in Africa. You’ll also get access to a Facebook community EXCLUSIVELY for Big game Hunting Podcast listeners where you can get regular access to ME as well as lots of other experienced hunters and shooters who can answer your questions and give you feedback. And to top it all off, members receive EXCLUSIVE discounts on outfitted hunts through Big Game Hunting Adventures. Booking just ONE hunt will MORE than cover what it costs to join the group! In fact, you get so much useful stuff from joining the community that I’m practically giving it all way considering what I’m charging for it. Head on over to huntingguns101.com and sign up. I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you in our Facebook group!
21 min
Backcountry Rookies - Big Game Hunting Podcast
Backcountry Rookies - Big Game Hunting Podcast
Sportsmen's Nation
Stories From The Season - The Mediocre Alaskan with Jeff Lund
This week on the Stories From The Season Series Chad talks to Jeff Lund, host of The Mediocre Alaskan Podcast. Jeff came down to the lower 48 from Alaska to hunt Mule deer with his fiancé in Wyoming this year and this Stories From the Season show is all about their hunt. They spent several days looking for deer and moving to new spots until the both connected with great mule deer on the last day. It’s a great story and Jeff tells it well. Enjoy the show! Stories From The Season was created as a way for us to let our friends share their hunting stories. I love to listen to great hunting stories to get an idea of the experience, but I think there is a lot of great opportunities to learn for other success or failure. When you hear a person talk about a stalk or how they achieved success you can apply the same techniques to your hunting strategies. Enjoy the Series! JEFF LUND Instagram – @the_mediocre_alaskan Website – https://themediocrealaskan.com BACKCOUNTRY ROOKIES Website - https://backcountryrookies.com Instagram - @backcountryrookies Facebook - Backcountry Rookies Group - Backcountry Rookies Nation Elk101 University of Elk Hunting Save 20% by using the code ROOKIES https://www.elk101.com/product/university-of-elk-hunting-online-course/ Vortex Optics Use the code ROOKIES and save 20% on apparel at the Vortex Optics Website https://vortexoptics.com goHUNT Insider Have you seen the new 3D Map software from goHUNT? They have changed the map and e-scouting game with their new system. The maps come free with an Insider membership. Receive a $50 Credit to the goHUNT Gear Shop when you purchase the Insider Program and use the code ROOKIES www.gohunt.com/insider Backcountry Rookies is Powered by Simplecast
53 min
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