EP #75 From Conflict to Creativity: Using Conflict as a Resource
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Conflict is a part of life. But how we deal with it and resolve it is what helps us maintain harmony. NLP has an outstanding process to reduce or eliminate inner conflict at any logical level.

1.     Where does conflict occur?

Areas in which conflict manifests

Understanding conflicts of beliefs and values

There are many types of conflict. Conflicts of beliefs and values are about issues where compromise is not an option. They are conflicts based upon disagreement through which the parties involved perceive a threat to their needs, interests, or concerns.

Managing conflicts of beliefs and values

2.     How do you know you are dealing with a conflict?

3.     How do you start the resolution process? What is your outcome? Is it well-formed? Is it demonstrated in sensory experience?

4.     Tools to go beyond conflict: Perceptual position alignment, Anchoring, Conflict resolution on all logical levels,  Positive intention

5.  Going from conflict to Creativity: is a key to resolving a conflict.  

Conflict is not a bad thing: Finding creative ways to solve issues is the hallmark of a skillful negotiator.

Using conflict as a resource: conflict can be used to generate new ways to seeing things and doing things.  

6.   Exercise:

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