EP #70 The Truth About Lying With Stan B. Walters
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This is a real treat! Stan B. Walters is our guest on this episode. Stan is known as “The Lie Guy®” and has appeared on ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox News, NBC, France Channel One, and Australia Today.  He was the host / technical adviser on National Geographic's “The Science of Interrogation.” He is a Certified Speaking Professional by the National Speakers Association. He has authored Principles of Kinesic Interview and Interrogation: 2nd Edition which has worldwide sales.  He has authored and co-authored numerous training materials, audio tapes, and pocket guides on Practical Kinesic Interview & Interrogation®.  His book The Truth About Lying: How To Spot A Lie and Protect Yourself From Deception is now being translated into 7 foreign languages and is now in it’s its 7th printing.  He has served as Subject Matter Expert on Interviews & Interrogation at Johns Hopkins University.  He has also participated as one of two primary researchers in deception research that were conducted at John Jay College.    The results of this study were presented at two American Psychological Association Conventions and have been published in scientific

With 35 years of experience, his results speak for themselves:

• He prepares government, Intelligence & Military analysts, counter-terrorism specialists, and Special Forces for the task of getting accurate information that will save lives.
• Local law enforcement agencies use his principles to assist crime victims and reduce false confessions.
• Private corporations use him to educate their employees on proper interviewing techniques because bottom line – there is a cost to not knowing the truth.

Investigators become proficient at conducting professional and ethical interviews.     Use methods that:   Insure Ensure justice for victims, Protect the offenders’ rights, and deliver critical intelligence information that can save hundreds of lives!

What Stan does dovetails nicely into NLP calibration skills.

Here are some of the questions he answered:

1.     How good are we a spotting deception?

2.     Is body language really reliable for spotting deception?

3.     What are some of the biggest myths about reliable signs of deception?

4.     Are criminal investigators as good as they think they are at spotting liars?

5.     I understand you have been in 38 prisons.  What is that all about?!

6.     Who are some of the types of clients and agencies you have trained?

7.     How long have you been doing training, research, and consulting?

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