EP #65 NLP: A business Must-Have featuring James Lusk
Play • 51 min

James and I talk about how he using his NLP skills in his new business.

He uses many more than three things, but here are his top three;

 Told from his point of view!

1. Rapport skills

  • I am intensely dialed into whom I am speaking with in my driver roster and configure my interactions with them to match and pace the conversation.
  • When addressing groups I am careful to cover all modalities with regard to using visual, auditory, and kinesthetic as well as move-away from and move-toward language patterns.

2. The LAB Profile

  • I have been using the LAB profile anywhere from hiring drivers and executive staff to working with my customers and vendors.
  • I build a mental profile of that person and use it in my arsenal when maintaining and building rapport

3. State Management Skill

  • Maybe the most impactful skill I've utilized. In terms of managing my own emotional responses to situations. Focusing on what variables I do know and are actual rather than "imagined outcomes." 
  • Being more aware of when I lose state and the ability to return to a more effective state rather than remaining in an ineffective one.
  • Not allowing negative emotional states to envelope me based on unknown information about a situation or person

4. Honorable mention; The NLP Presuppositions.

Thank you, James!


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