Ep #56 Talking to Two Minds - Permissive Language
Play • 47 min

In this episode, we talk about Permissive or Indirect Language or The Milton Model. Indirect language or permissive language it is called sometimes is vaguely worded communication designed to bypass the conscious mind and speak to the unconscious.

Phrases of permissive language or the Milton Model are often used to soften communication. Instead of using direct, authoritarian language, such as, "Do this report by Monday," the speaker might say, "Would it be possible to have this report to me by Monday."  The advantage of this type of communication is that is it more likely to maintain rapport, form symmetrical relationships rather than authoritarian ones, and lessen resistance on the part of the listener.

The discussion includes:
1.    What is permissive or indirect suggestions? 

2.    What is the difference between permissive language and direct language? 

3.    How do you use permissive suggestions? 

4.    Is permissive language manipulative?


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