The Statist Quo
The Statist Quo
Apr 16, 2020
Gavi-A Shot in the Back
2 hr 5 min

Vaccines are always a controversial issue. We can see how much power the corporate press still has by the emotionalism people have in certain subjects they play up, like mass shootings or vaccines.  They want to pigeonhole everyone into "anti-vaxxers" or "pro-vaxxers".  But what if you have questions, or a nuanced opinion on each vaccine?  Well, you will most surely be demonized as a heretic by the mainstream.

Here, instead, we go through the state's own documentation and the excellent reporting of people who do the same to find out what the real facts of vaccination are.  We start by observing the April 12, 55th anniversary of the Polio vaccine trials, and give a brief overview of the history of poliomyelitis, the vaccine, and ask some questions about what really eradicated polio.  We then bring that topic current with the after-effects of pulse (mass) vaccination in India to eradicate polio, and the non-profit and NGOs that contributed vast sums of money to that project and other immunization projects around the world, such as GAVI, the Gates- and Rockefeller-connected Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization.  We look at some of their activities, and dive into the world of eugenics, population control, environmentalism and their connections to GAVI and the WHO.

Due to character limit, show notes were shortened. Read the rest of them here!

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Eugenics, the Nazis and Rockefeller connections

Gates Foundation background info

Correlation between NPAFP and Polio vaccine in India

Alternate theory on polio (I do NOT endorse)

Rockefellers, Eugenics and the Population Council

Population Council and Rockefellers;jsessionid=983C23B4EDB82D23F2959D9EB6D43561?doi=

Kenya DTP vaccine WHO “birth control”

Indian govt report on HPV vaccine ethical violations

Why Big Oil Conquered the World--a MUST SEE Documentary!!

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