The Statist Quo
The Statist Quo
Nov 10, 2019
The Bonus Army
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In observance of Veterans Day 2019, we thought we’d tell some veteran’s stories. But not the usual tales of courage under and the “allure of battle”. Instead, we wanted to share a veteran story that never gets told:  The events surrounding the Bonus Army. 

In 1932, in the depths of the greatest economic catastrophe in the modern era (caused by the Federal Reserve), a group of World War I veterans marched on DC to claim early the cash bonuses they had been promised by Congress for their wartime service. 

Not only does this tale not get told enough, but even the history of the age surrounding it is distorted by mainstream media and the approved court historians of the Regime. So this is our humble attempt to set the record straight, and to tell the story of the Bonus Expeditionary Force, and their harsh treatment at the hands of “A Grateful Nation”.  

At the end of the day, two veterans were killed along with an infant child. A total on 1,107 veterans were injured, mostly by arsenic-based tear gas, and sixty-eight cops also were injured in an attempt to break up the peaceful protest by violent means. 

The military, commanded by Chief of Staff Gen. Douglas McArthur, Majors George S. Patton and Bradley ultimately broke up the protest and burned the veterans temporary camp. 

A couple of the biggest names of World War 2, worshipped by many to this day, turned the sword on their fellow veterans...a tale that continues to repeat itself to this day. 

You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain...—-100-years-later


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