The Statist Quo
The Statist Quo
Oct 2, 2019
TFW you have more suicides than combat deaths every year!
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First up, PLEASE listen through to the end. There is a Public Service Announcement we want everyone to hear. Be advised, today is a pretty heavy topic. We go over a report on active duty military suicides, which also says that the National Guard outpaces all the other branches in suicides. 

Why is that? Matt theorizes some ideas, and covers some old Army prevention tactics that have been making the rounds on military news sites again. 

This show will serve as a primer for a future episode we will devote to veteran suicide. 

Matt also makes a correction to the Biden-Ukraine story we did last week. 

Again, this is a sensitive topic, one Matt has a fair amount of personal experience with.  Listener discretion is advised. 

 (EDIT: I mixed up the numbers... i mixed up 22 veteran suicides a day with 25 per 100k service member suicides in 2018!) 

Thank you for listening, Shows like this are why we started the give a sincere take on something we care very deeply about. 

We appreciate you taking the time to turn in. 

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