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The Wild Podcast
May 26, 2020
#33 Chloe Phillips-Harris - Embracing Fear in Extreme Environments
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Chloe Phillips-Harris is a New Zealand explorer and expedition leader. The unique thing about Chloe is that her adventures around the world almost always involve animals. She completed the world's most gruelling horse race, The Mongol Derby, leads expeditions across the Gobi Desert on camels in temperatures below -40 degrees Celsius, and she's spent time with the nomadic Dukha people, the world's last reindeer herders, in the mountains of northern Mongolia.

In this episode we talk about her introduction to horses and adventure through her intrepid parents and how she went from her first pony to taming and training the wild Kaimanawa horses at her family farm in the Bay of Islands.

We go deep into adventure stories, including overcoming crippling pain on the Mongol Derby, camel snowboarding in the Gobi Desert, a harsh winter spent with the Dukha tribe, and Chloe's philosophies around fear and perseverance.

Chloe's story will inspire anyone who has a goal or a dream to chase after it - to feel the fear and do it anyway.


If you enjoy this episode, make sure to grab a copy of Chloe's book, Fearless: The life of adventurer, equestrian, and endurance rider Chloe Phillips-Harris.

You can follow Chloe on Facebook and Instagram.


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