Super Heroes Don't Always Wear Capes-what is justice, really?
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Tom Synan, Police Chief in the Cincinnati, Ohio, metropolitan area, is trying to change the approach when working with addiction.  Follow him through his insightful journey and his innovative, data driven approach to working with addicts.  Listen to him speak about his meeting in DC with Homeland Security; his involvement with President Clinton and his Foundation, his community development around engagement, his creation of the Hampden Country Addiction Response Coalition and his own Podcast: Hard Corners. 
I am a Marine Corps Veteran, where I served as an infantryman and weapons armorer for the 3/8th Marines Weapons Company (everything from M-16's, handguns, 81mm mortars, .50 cal, M60, M249 machine guns, Mark 19 and various high tech accessories). 
I have over 20 years law enforcement experience and hold the position as Police Chief for the Newtown Police Department. I am a Certified Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission Semi-Auto Handgun Firearms Instructor & Re-Qual Instructor.
I have been serving on the Hamilton County Regional SWAT Team for 7 years and hold the position of Team Leader for Tactical Team #3. I am responsible for the Operational Planning and Execution of risk SWAT Ops. Along with leadership and training of the Tactical Team. I have attended Tactical team Leader School presented by the Ohio Tactical Officers Association. I am a testing member (test SWAT equipment and gear) for the National Tactical Officers Association. Certified/Qualified in the FBI 1911 Transition Course (course that all agents must pass to be on FBI SWAT and put on by FBI Swat Operations Unit).  I have a great deal of actual high risk operation experience such as high risk search warrants, hostage, barricade, suicidal incidents. I have trained, trained with and been trained by some of the top SWAT Operators/Military Operators in the country.
I am a paid firearms expert for a ballistics company. Work with CCW courses. Developed and  trained tactical firearms courses, defensive firearms courses.  I teach not only how to shoot but when and when not to shoot, shooting under stress/fear, tactical thought and tactics. My classes are taught at the Operator level, teaching all how to think and perform at the high level of being an Operator.
All of these experiences lead me to develop my own training and consulting group:
Owner/Chief Instructor of CBA Training & Consulting. A multifaceted training & consulting company. Specializing in how the brain processes information under stress/fear. Teaching how to better utilize your brain whether it is during a safety issue such as workplace violence, general safety plans, self defense or getting your sales staff to perform at a higher level. I took what I learned from my own experience in high risk/life & death situations, having to make accurate and quick decisions, mistakes I made, training I have received and developed a training program that incorporates communication skills, teamwork, leadership skills, individual accountability, organizational accountability and how to make better decisions and actions. My background as a Marine Corps veteran, over 20 years law enforcement, Police Chief, Tactical Team Leader on SWAT has allowed me to develop a unique training concept that has been used on SWAT, Police Agencies, Churches and businesses. 

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