S1E16 - Podio Deep Dive 2b: "Building SaaS That Businesses Can Rely On - Part 2"
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Building Saas that businesses can rely on (Part 2): "Software design principles for the Agile Entrepreneur"

We reviewed cloud computing concepts last time

Choose your system of record
1) it must meet your availability requirements, or you will need offline systems (Podio is good enough for 99% of cases)
2) it must offer direct API integration, preferably ‘REST’ style
3) it must be easy to export all key data

Avoid writing custom software whenever possible
1) Differentiate by your work process and your business methods
2) Bake those processes and methods into the system around the ‘events’

Only integrate with systems that support synchronization
1) shopify recently banned Mailchimp because they wouldn’t
If you need custom code, have it run on demand
1) avoid storing any additional data outside your SOR
2) customers should pay direct costs of anything not on demand

You are not a security expert, so be very afraid of hackers
1) You need to own your domain and make sure your customers know it
2) You must have reliable SSL at every layer, even if your just showing content
3) Keep your marketing site public stuff, and make sure your host keeps their software updated with security patches (especially if you use Wordpress)

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