S1E3 - How We Built mPact Pro - Development (Part 2)
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Season 1 – Episode 3 – How we built mPact Pro: Developing Wide-Scale (Part 2 of 3)


Discussion Outline:

  1. Introduction – Welcome to Part 2 of 3 -- How we proceeded into Beta and the technical side of building a wide-scale Podio solution.
  2. Topic: What were the steps to building a Beta in 14 months? How was that experience?
  3. 1st Discussion: Consulting & Development
  4. Hot Topic: Why was software like Globiflow, Zapier, etc not able to fit the use cases needed?
  5. 2nd Discussion: SaaSsafras Service Design
  6. Real Talk: Limitations – What was the limitation of Podio's API that impacted the design?
  7. Deep Dive: Controlling the Development Process – Why is the “Discovery” portion so critical in Podio development?
  8. Up Next: mPact Pro – Diving into CVP and the "business" side of this 3 part series.
  9. Audience Engagement: Solving Podio Gaps – Podio Developers and Power users – Submit your gaps!
  10. Outro: SUBSCRIBE and Thank you.

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