Episode #5 - From College Running Back to Black Man in Medicine (Brian Fowler)
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Current M2 and Former College Athletes Brian Fowler tells his story growing up in Upstate NY, his days as a college football player at Central Connecticut State, and how he re-routed his life to become a Black Man in Medicine

  • Introduction: 
    • Who is Brian Fowler? 
    • How did you get to where you are sitting right now? 
  • Your Story
    • Tell us more about your athletic career; when did you start playing? How did you pick football?; and tell us about how it progressed until the end of college
    • Both Sports & Medicine involve plenty of commitment, work outside the “arena”, and lots of preparation.  Given that, how would you compare and contrast athletics & medicine.  Are they pretty similar? Or you find them to be two completely endeavors?
    • How did you decide medical school/a career in medicine was for you? What steps did you take the steps to get there?
  • Defying the Odds - For All Those Who Said We Couldn’t Make It
    • Along the way, did you have any naysayers? How did you deal with them? And did you decision to pursue medicine fracture any friendships or relationships?
    • What does being a Black Man in Medicine mean to you?
    • Let’s say your younger self was in this studio, sitting right now in front of you.  What would you say to him? What advice would you give?
  • Closing
    • Let’s fast forward 10 years; where can we expect to find Dr. Brian Fowler? 
    • Where can we follow you? How can we support you?
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