The Buzzer
The Buzzer
Sep 24, 2019
"I fall asleep to Michael Scott’s voice." | FEAT. Taylor Stearns (Singer/Songwriter)
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FEAT. Taylor Stearns (Singer/Songwriter)

POP CULTURE: Storm Area 51 Event flops + Disney has a hotline that your kids can call before bedtime + Kanye West and Kenny G are collaborating.

STORY OF THE WEEK: Man pays a clown to support him during his termination meeting.

GOOD NEWS: College student raises $67k in beer money for charity + Billionaire pays of college debt of entire graduate class of families + Chick-fil-A employee saves a man having a heart attack.

TAYLOR PLAYS A SONG THAT WON’T GET US IN TROUBLE WITH COPYRIGHT: American Idol Gold Ticket Winner, Taylor Stearns plays two originals: “Petrichor” and “What Red Said.”

THE BACHELOR: People aren’t happy about Pilot Peter being the Bachelor.

TV: NBCUniversal Streaming Service (Peacock) + Saved by the Bell Sequel Series.

MOVIES: Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds to be in A Christmas Carol + Avengers Endgame trying to win “Best Picture” Oscar.

AT THE BUZZER: Pizza Hut’s Stuffed Cheez-It Pizza and other weird food combos.

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