Throwback Thursday: How An Alter Ego Can Be Your Ultimate Superpower...
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Do you have an alter ego that you draw to for inspiration when you want to feel at the absolute top of your game?  Research has shown that some of the most successful and happy people in life are those that have created an alter ego so that they can truly become and act like the best version of themselves even when the going gets tough.

This week we're talking about alter egos and how the technique of creating a specific identity helps us with Step 1 of our Conscious Dreaming Framework which is to "Begin Dreaming." Drawing from experts and mental toughness coaches, we dissect how having an alter ego is truly the ultimate superpower for stepping into your dreams and living the life you're meant to live. 

We're also chatting about how to dream from a place of abundance and how that mindset impacts the results you achieve. We hope our conversation will inspire you to unlock the heroic person that's already inside you....the person who enables you perform at your peak and live your very best life.

In this episode we:

  • Talk about how to consciously dream using the power of secret identities  (not just the wishful thinking stuff!)
  • Explore how having an alter ego enables us to manifest our dreams and helps us become closer to the best version of ourselves (we also share with you who our very own alter egos are!)
  • Explain how to use the theta brain state to imagine and act on your dreams, your wants, and your needs.
  • Walkthrough how to tap your adult imagination to unleash a new, more dynamic, and fulfilled version of yourself.

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