51: Dave Shay-Building a Purposeful & Profitable Business
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What is it about building a purposeful & profitable business that can seem so far out of reach? Dave Shay joins Bobbi for a must listen interview discussing that topic, of creating a work-life balance, and about how automating your business may be exactly what you need to pull it all together.

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Meet Dave

Dave may describe himself as a "Wedding Photographer. Father and Husband. Taco Hunter Extraordinaire", but this Raleigh based wedding photographer is the whole package. His years of industry experience as well as his work as a brand ambassador allow him to help photographers across the spectrum think big picture and be at their best.

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More From The Candid Conversation
15:35   But what a good CRM is going to do is not just manage people in organizational fashion, it's going to manage them and give them direction. 

23:49    I love marriage. I and it's, it's important to me and I believe that like in my core, that better marriages equal better families equal better communities equal a better nation.
40:14   You need to have a big picture view of your business, a lot of photographers are like firefighters, they look at the job that has to be done today. They just do the single thing that's in front of them today and don't ever think about the big picture of their business. 
51:01    Take one task a week, and automate it so you never have to do it again. You do that for one year, and your business will be night and day different in a year's time. 

 Episode Takeaways Worth Repeating

"Don't confuse a busy life with a purposeful one!"

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