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Deep Dive into Your Call Center- 22 Questions We Ask When Consulting
Feb 10, 2020 · 20 min
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One of the key tasks that we talk to call centers when consulting is to whiteboard the "Call Center 22's" which are 22 questions that we ask the call center to define. 

This is an exercise that we undertake internally every year as well to redefine where we stand on a bunch of call center culture questions.  If you sit down with your team and define and shape these questions and how they affect you, this will take you a long way in defining call center culture and save you money by not needing a consult to help you!

Questions we ask:
What is tolerated or not tolerated?
Do your supervisors care more
about their reps then themselves?
Have you talked to HR about the type of rep you want in your center?
How do people speak to each other?
How does management treat peers?
Do you engage floor leaders?
Do you let things slide?
How strict is your center?
Do you tolerate poor attitudes?
Do you tolerate lack of effort
What do you do when a reps rocks a QA score?
What really happens when a rep is late?
Do your supervisors all manage differently?
Do you play games on your floor daily?
Is there music on your floor at any time?
Do you take pride in the equipment(chairs, headsets...)
Do you correct reps on the floor or off?
Are you investing in new tech?
Are you investing in rep education or is your center “too busy”?

Do you love your job?

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