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Top 10 Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a Call Center Outsourcer
Jan 3, 2020 · 17 min
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In episode 53 of the Geek! we tackle the Top 10 Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a Call Center Outsourcer, but never have.

Outsourcers get a lot of the same types of questions from those that have not outsourced before or are wondering what it all entails.  Is this episode we try to educate and demystify the call center outsourcing process.

1) Can you use our CRM / Do we have to use yours?
2) How do you connect to our systems?
3) What does the outsourcer pay for, what do we pay for?
4) Can we blind monitor anytime we want?
5) How Does training work?
6) Will we pay setup fees?
7) Can we visit you?
8) Should we make an outsourcer prove certifications (PCI, HIPPA...)?
9) Can we/should we negotiate with the outsourcer?

10) How much does an outsourcer charge?

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