Nerdout & Workout Podcast
Hyper Strong Productions
Forged by the breathes of Heroes in Training the Nerdout & Workout Podcast brings to you everything of fandom & fitness. Our main mission is to eradicate gymtimdiation and prove that this world of iron, sweat & grit can also be dominated by the underdogs, dark horses, and the non-believers who think they are unworthy of leveling up. Our focus is to motivate & inspire you all through tips, tricks & advice from top professionals in the Strength & Fitness Industry who also love to nerdout about their inner most desires such as trying to reach Super Saiyan Blue, figuring out how the Amazons can jump so high, and debating whether My Hero Academia may be the best Anime of ALL TIME!? WHAT!? BLASPHEMY! We deep dive into everything people would need to know about getting in shape, raising their power level in the weight room, debunking health & fitness myths and more essentially how to live life and level up one rep at a time. Join us on our quest to spread the love & joy of our Nerdout & Workout culture!
Nerdout & Workout Podcast
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