#59 The Top 5 Fitness Myths According to Google
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Today we talk about the Niners and the top 5 fitness myths according to Google. During this episode we are also live on TikTok and answer questions from the viewers! 

2:54 - Trey Lance’s Start vs Houston

9:55 - Question #1 Who would win in a prison fight; a street taco or a grilled cheese?

13:11  - Question #2 My girl is a Green Bay Fan and I’m a Texan fan; how do I not break up with her?

19:27 - Top 5 Fitness Myths According to Google

20:36 - Myth #1 Lifting Weights Will Make You Bulky

25:04 - Questions #3 Lost 20lbs but hit a plateau. How do I keep the momentum going?

27:59 - Earth is Flat?

30:49 - Myth #2 Exercise Machines Work Just as Well as Free Weights.

33:11 - Myth #3 Running on a Treadmill has the same Benefits as Running Outside.

36:07 - Question #3 Which is the Best Way to Build Muscle; Low Reps Heavy Weight vs High Reps Low Weight?

40:38 - Myth #4 Fat Loss Can Be Targeted

44:44 - Myth #5 Crunches are a Good Way to Burn Fat Around the Stomach

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