#2 The Wonder of Intermittent Fasting
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Thoughts on Intermittent Fasting.

This is nothing new. The body is designed to feed off its fat stores as we go on through long periods without food. 

This is how our bodies evolved and adapted to our environment since our ancestors survived through famine and such. 

It’s nothing new and the core of intermittent fasting is getting your body to do what it was designed to do, burn off fat stores for energy. 

Now that we have such an abundance of food in developed countries, the problems of being overweight are more common that before.

If you’re constantly eating and giving your body a surplus of food to store then your fat storage will increase. 

Utilizing the pattern that Intermittent Fasting gives you instigates your body to start burning energy from fat stores it otherwise would not have been doing if you were eating at a common frequency. 

Is it for everyone? Nope. Just like how going Vegan, Gluten Free, or Ketogenic isn’t for everyone because everybody’s body will react differently to various diets. 

There are scientific fundamental rules we all need be aware of when it comes to eating such as extra sugars and calories paired with a low activity level and low resting metabolic rate will lead to weight gain vs a high metabolic rate with high activity and limited diet will lead to weight loss. 

It all comes down to seeing how your body reacts to whatever you’re choosing to do. If your body reacts well to intermittent fasting, great. If it doesn’t then there’s more style of eating that may work better out there.  


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