Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson
#59 Why Changing your mindset is the #1 thing to do if you want to turn autism around.
Jan 30, 2020 · 38 min
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My secret story of autism, shame, self sabotage and the road to healing and success.

In this podcast, I am sharing the 8 signs that your mindset is blocking your healing process and the 3 strategies to turn autism around via mindset and manifestation.

You are going to learn about the taboos and the secret self sabotage mechanisms that make you and your child struggle and how to overcome them.

I am going to tell you the unusual answers to the questions I always get: “ what supplements, diets and experts did you use”.

I will share why I had to stop hanging out with a certain group of autism mamas to finally be able to help my child.

You will also learn how the turnaround mindset can affect your love life, health, financial situation and mental health.


The 3 Module Course to manifest real change without wasting money and time on expensive diets and experts and without doing more or involving your child.  

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