#57 : Autism Mama: Turning Autism Around Via Mindset And Belief
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LA-based mom got her child from non-verbal to speaking and solved her relationship crisis by using my 3 step Autism Turnaround Technique. 

In a deep and honest conversation we take you through:

The journey from early signs of autism - the shocking diagnosis - to the first evidence of recovery.

How Stephanie dealt with mainstream autism experts who worked against her when she decided to turn her child's autism around. 

How she learned that she had to let go of Biomed, supplements and a practitioner to help her child (and the problem with b12).

The love-crisis and resistance from her husband and how working on her mindset and vibration changed her love life 100 % and how you can too.

How you can actually FEEL the vibration of healing and Stephanie's best tip to try it at home. 

Why mindset and beliefs are the #1 thing to change before diet, lifestyle and nutrition and how nature played a role as well. 

The illogical and magical part of the healing journey.

Stephanie's best advice for mom's who are broken and on the verge of giving up, which
will give you hope.

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