Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson
#28 : Geopathic Stress, Sleep, Anger & Autism. Test it. Fix it
Jun 27, 2019 · 35 min
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Do you experience sleep issues, night terrors, aggression and/or health issues? 
Do you have crisis in your personal life as an Autism mom? 
Mirror neurons, Geopathic stress, bad energy in your home and water lines might be causing problems. 
Get ready to have your mind blown and learn how to deal with these issues from physio therapist, expert in Geopathic Stress, Feng Shui and Earth Acupuncture, Zimon August. 
Learn how to neutralize damaging geopathic stress in your bedrooms, how to test what direction you and your child must sleep in to optimize health and why you should monitor cats, dogs, plants and ants to check the state of energy in YOUR house. 
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