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Sun, spring and summer are moments of truth when you're an autism mom. 
Most people are fasting, cutting calories and exercising like crazy to burn off the evidence of Christmas, Easter and long, dark days indoors. 
But you're NOT like most people.

I get it.  It's frustrating when your mood, sleep, energy and appetite are all over the place. It sucks when jeans suddenly don't fit anymore and when we look pregnant. I understand every inch of temptation to DO SOMETHING DRASTIC. But I am here to tell you that the more drastic you go right now to fix that problem, the worse the problem is going to get. 

The strategies you used when you were younger or even before autism does NOT work anymore.

Your nervous system is in pieces. Your hormones are all over the place because you've been living in stress, fight/flight and worry for way too long. 
Your body does not feel safe, and adding MORE stress into the mix (aka fasting, cardio, calorie counting, skipping breakfast, will have a horrible long-term effect on your weight (you will gain more), metabolism (it will slow down even more) and your hormones (permanent stress, survival, break-down mode.)

So what do we do instead? How do we lose weight, tone up, and stabilize mood, anxiety and depression while turning autism symptoms around, getting stronger with kindness and biochemical/biologically safe approaches? 

That's what I'm covering in today's solo episode. I am also sharing a little life update (what's going on in our life, with that tiny home, my Jesus journey...you're about to find out. 

Here are 3 ways we can start turning autism symptoms around together, whenever you're ready...

1. Send me a voice message and get my feedback on your most pressing struggles.

2. Check out the free video series "The 5 hidden messages behind autism symptoms" and find your child's unique triggers.

3. Work with me privately
If you’d like to work with me directly to turn as many symptoms around as possible in my Autism Turnaround Coaching and implementation group..send me an email with "coaching" in the subject line and tell me how old your child is. I’ll get you all the details.

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